One Roast Vegetable Presents:

It's time for YOU to start cooking more meals at home.

And I'm going to show you how!


My name is Shelley and I live in Paris :) I have created an online cooking class where you can learn the basics of cooking meals at home, at your own pace... I've filmed some videos that you can watch at home, on your computer, and you don't have to travel or commute to cooking classes... I will come to you!

~~ If you think your husband secretly likes his mother's cooking better than yours ... this class is for you.

~~ If you're a homeschooling mom who's looking for the perfect hands-on Home Economics curriculum ... this class is for you.

~~ If you're worried about how much take-out and prepared food you're eating and you want to learn how to make more things 'homemade' ... this class is for you.

~~ If you're paralyzed in the kitchen or you think you're the world's worst cook ... this class is for you.

Play "make-believe" with me:

How will you feel when you are cooking more often, putting dinner on the table for yourself and for your family?

Can you see yourself? I can see you! Dinner is simmering, (and it smells amazing by the way), the table is set, you might even have the candles lit.

Do you feel happy? Content? Satisfied? You feel great because you know that you're taking very good care of your family.

If you'd be interested in a back-to-basics cooking class that takes place in your own home (no travelling!), and at your own pace ... then you should register here.

STEPHANIE says: "My 5 year old daughter loved the Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries, and she told me 'Thumbs up, Mom!' I liked having an easy meal idea under my belt. I kinda felt like Rachael Ray and her 30 Minute Meals."

Are You Worried About The Technology Required to Take a Video Class?

Don't be worried! Below I've put an extract from the lesson for Homemade Egg 'McMuffin' Sandwich.

If you can see this preview video, then you've got what it takes to see ALL of the videos that paid subscribers will receive during this class.


Preview Video - Click Play to Begin


Class Format:

14-weeks, videos and emails, and illustrated recipes. You'll get a new lesson each week and you can work at your own pace.

The lessons are delivered to you by email once a week, and they may include an illustrated lesson or a video.  There's no fixed time, you can do the lessons as it's convenient for you :) 

BRENDA says: "I've enjoyed all the lessons so far, especially the egg salad. The tip about peeling the boiled egg was great! I've printed the recipe for the QUICHE, and can hardly wait to the end of the video to try it. Thanks for making this so interesting."


Cooking classes where I live can range from $59 for a single class up to $610 for an 8-week session. Wowie!

For my class, you won't have to travel, and you won't have to pay anything like those prices. In fact, since this is an online video class, I want to make sure that the price is where everyone can afford to participate.

That's why I've decided that this 14-week class is going to be only $37 USD.

"You appear so calm while cooking, it's actually helped me lower my stress level while cooking. This meatloaf was so easy, I didn't work up a sweat. My husband loved the dinner and especially the sauce. I've started to use your tip on measuring a half pound of ground meat without a scale!"

What Does this Class Fee Include?

Since I am going to be retiring this class (and my site) you will have access to the videos for this class until December 31, 2014. There are no additional charges. Just pay for this class once, and access it until December 2014.

My guarantee to you

I know you're going to love this 14-week class, but if for whatever reason you decide it's not for you, just cancel before the second week's lesson is delivered, and I'll send you a 100% refund.

If you have any questions or problems registering, just send me an email.

All best & happy cooking,

Shelley MacDonald Beaulieu, BA, BEd, MFA
Owner & Head Tomato

BECKY says: Wow! My first quiche, I'm so excited, it turned out great! These lessons have been great! I'm actually starting to enjoy cooking. It makes a difference when the foods you prepare actually come out well thanks to the great directions and suggestions you give during your lessons. Looking forward to next week!"

What others have to say ...

Stephanie: "I've been hesitant to make roasted chicken, because I assumed it was hard. Yeah! It's not! :) It was fabulous. The chicken was so moist. Both of my kids ate it up. Thanks, Shelley! I look forward to making the broth and the soup. Two more things I'll be able to check off on my Cooking To-Do list. :)"

Olivia: "I really liked the 1st lesson. I'm actually 10 years old."

Rita: "My kids (ages 7 and 3 1/2) are drawn to the computer like magnets when you're on. I let them do the "egg test." Imagine my surprise when they scarfed down their eggs with "a little piece of toast" right after finishing dinner! Thanks for the great lesson. Our oven temperature was dead on."

Malia, "I thought it would be fun for my daughters to take an online cooking class. If you are like me, and on a tight budget most of the time, knowing how to cook good, basic food from every day ingredients is key to feeding your family sensibly.  This class was cost effective, and frankly has been quite a lot of fun."

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